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FACT Feed a Child Today

Mission: Provide nutritional meals to less fortunate children.

F.A.C.T. Feed a Child Today – 2.9 Million Meals served in 2019

Nutritional kitchens are at the heart of our foundation and 18 kitchens in and around Johannesburg Embark Foundation serves an average of 241 000 meals a month. Each meal is uniquely tailored to meet the requirements of its location, ensuring the meal provided is suited to the regional preferences of the children.

FACT aims to provide regular, nutritious food to children who are unable, by reason of lack of good quality food, to take full advantage of the education provided for them.  Research has shown that inadequate nutrition impacts negatively on children’s ability to learn and benefit from education.  Proper nutrition can improve children’s ability to concentrate, improve disruptive behaviour and encourage children to attend school.  Feed A Child Today help schools provide children with meals that are part of a healthy diet.