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Palliative Care

Impillo’s in-patient unit (hospice) provides 24-hour palliative care for people with life-threatening illnesses.

The unit has the following beds available:

  • Ten hospice beds for those who need intensive palliative care
  • Five isolation beds for those who are awaiting test results, or have contagious diseases such as MDR/XDR, TB
  • Six hospice beds for mothers and children (three rooms)
  • Ten rooms are available to house intermediate patients that are ready for discharge but still have some social difficulties that need intervention. Each person can stay for up to 12 months.

Patients also have access to individual counselling sessions and pastoral care. Intermediate care patients also assisted in tending a vegetable garden at Rhodespark Library. Impillo receives the grown vegetables to use.

Our aim lies in offering emotional support to all patients and care givers, and by means of financial support we hope to assist the in-patient unit by addressing the increasing tuberculosis epidemic.

Tel: 011 268 4783